Inigo Pascual recently admitted that it’s still surreal to him that he is now working on a Hollywood series alongside the legendary Susan Sarandon.

The actor, who spoke to Star Magic’s “Inside News”, shared that he had been wanting to share the news of his involvement in “Monarch” for the longest time, and is elated to finally be able to reveal it to everyone.

“Finally I’m able to share that we got a part to be able to showcase Filipino talent to the world stage. I am so, so grateful for the opportunity given to me,” he said.

Inigo stated that it felt like a dream to be on set and to experience things that he never had before.

“The first time I went on set I said to the people there, ‘Is there a bathroom or a restroom that I can use?’ They just casually said, they said to me, ‘Yeah, you can go ahead and use the one in your trailer.’ I said ‘I have a trailer?’ Then I was shown the trailer. Then it had the name of my character, Ace. When I actually entered the trailer, I cried a lot. I said, ‘Wow! I have a trailer!””

Speaking about working with Susan Sarandon in the new series, the actor said that he just couldn’t believe to be speaking to the said actress.

“We’ve had such a great conversation about speaking up and using the right words and stating the right things since she’s very vocal about what she stands for,” he added.

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Inigo enjoys his conversations with the legendary Susan Sarandon

(Photo Source: Inigo Pascual Instagram, Susan Sarandon Instagram)