Despite being in her sixth month of pregnancy, fitness trainer Inez Leong stated that she plans to continue to stay active in her work.

As reported on Mingpao, Inez, who married TVB actor Tony Hung in the middle of the year, revealed that she insisted on exercising and working as a fitness instructor despite her condition as she knows her body well.

“Even after giving birth, I would like to continue my work and not give up on my dream of participating in marathons around the world. I may even bring my children to run together,” she said.

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The glowing mummy-to-be

Asked if Tony is fine with her decision, Inez said that the actor does not prevent her from being her usual active self.

“The only thing he would do is to ask me to be cautious and careful. He knows me well. No one can stop me. I just do what I want,” she said.

Inez is currently co-hosting the Open TV show, “Smooth Sailing” alongside actress Hidy Yu.

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Inez and Tony celebrated the mid autumn festival outdoors with their pet, Molly

(Photo Source: Inez Leong Instagram)