Although he was horrified over speculations that he was the “actor Chan” who was arrested for luring a 14 year-old to a hotel for sexual intercourse, Darryl Chan stated that he never would have thought that such negative news would now bring attention to him.

The TVB actor, who appeared at the promotional event of the TV series, “Battle of the Seven Sisters”, stated that he still feels a bit helpless over the allegations against him, despite both he and TVB having already issued a statement denying his involvement.

Speaking about the “24 year-old actor” that was arrested, Darryl said that he hasn’t even celebrated his 23rd birthday that would fall in October.

“I am still 22 years old. It’s just a coincidence that we are both surnamed Chan. And there are several male artistes with similar surname in their 20s who have appeared in dramas,” he said.

Darryl also revealed that he has been contacted by friends who mostly sympathised with his situation.

“A lot of people did pay more attention to me recently. It was lucky that it didn’t bring any negative effect on me,” he added.

The actor also stated that he is thankful to TVB for trusting him and giving their support by releasing an official statement about the issue.

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Darryl’s friends sympathised with his situation

(Photo Source: Darryl Chan Instagram)