Crystal Fung has recently laughed off rumours of romance between her and actor and former national swimmer, Alex Fong.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who appeared at the Miss Hong Kong 2021 pageant as part of the alumni, stated that the whole matchmaking was a joke among their group of friends.

“Alex and I are just ordinary friends, nothing more. There is absolutely no chance whatsoever to develop into something more,” she said, who revealed that the gathering which she and Alex attended was a birthday celebration for Nancy Wu.

Crystal stated that people were making a lot of speculations just from a photo that they took together.

When asked why her in particular who was being linked to Alex in their group, Crystal stated that it was just them having fun.

“Good friends will not be embarrassed about such things. We’re just pals. Totally unsuitable, she stressed.

Asked if she is looking forward to dating someone right now, Crystal stated that she just enjoys her single life.

“Please do not introduce people to me. I can have a good time on my own,” she said.

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Crystal says that she and Alex are just pals

(Photo Source: Crystal Fung InstagramOriental Daily)