After ending his collaboration with Wong You Nam as the duo Shine, Chui Tien You recently revealed that he has recently departed from his management company.

The singer-actor shared the news on social media, saying that he is leaving his comfort zone after 20 years, detaching himself from his manager that he has worked with since he was 15.

When asked by the media the reason for his decision, Chui stated that there was no special reason except that he wanted to push himself to discover new things.

“I am very grateful [to my manager] for taking care of me, and I am also very grateful for this fate. I am changing my environment, the model of my work, and will continue to set off into my new journey. Looking forward to new dramas, new movies, songs, and advertisements soon!” he expressed.

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A new path to journey for Chui Tien You gif maker 2
Chui with his partner Wong You Nam of the duo Shine

(Photo Source: Chui Tien You Instagram, Sinchew)