FAMA member C Kwan is elevating his status a bit higher up now, after it was reported that he has been appointed Creative Director of the Production Division for TVB’s J2.

As reported on Mingpao, the TV personality – real name Cheng Sze-kwan – who has participated in various TVB shows and dramas in recent years, revealed that he received the offer from Deputy General Manager Eric Tsang and decided to accept it.

“In the future, I will reduce my work in front of the camera. I have always enjoyed the behind-the-scenes work,” he said.

C Kwan stated that he used to talk to Eric about the shows from time to time, and that he has a lot of plans that will be rolled out gradually.

When mentioned that there is some sort of a rivalry in ratings between TVB J2 and ViuTV, the singer stated, “It’s their battle. I am only responsible for the creative part. The most important thing is that the process is smooth.”

As to whether his new job will affect his music career, C Kwan stated that he will continue to make music with his duo partner, Luk Wing-kuen, better known as 6 Wing.

“Luk Wing is the one who neglects me. He often spends more time with his daughter and ignores me. In fact, we neglect each other. This is the best way for us to get along,” he said with a laugh.

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C Kwan with 6 Wing of the hip hop duo FAMA

(Photo Source: SOHU, Top Beauty)