It was reported that Bosco Wong has been cast in the fifth instalment of the hit TVB franchise, “Forensic Heroes”.

As reported on On CC, the actor reportedly was called in to replace Pakho Chau after the latter withdrew from the project to focus on his upcoming concert as well as his additional responsibilities of taking care of his new baby.

On the other hand, Jacky Cai reportedly has been cast to replace Priscilla Wong who reportedly had to deal with some personal issues.

Bosco and Jacky will be joined by Benjamin Yuen, Sisley Choi, Tony Hung and Venus Wong.

Producer Ben Fong revealed that the upcoming series will have various segments, and that both Bosco and Jacky will play the role of forensic pathologists, while Benjamin and Venus will play police officers.

It is noted that it has been four years since Bosco starred in a TVB series, and that the actor decided to do the said drama after getting the offer from Eric Tsang.

“My last TVB drama was “Heart and Greed”, so I am very excited. I have read the script for over ten episodes and it’s really beyond what I expected,” he said.

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Bosco Wong replaces Pakho Chau who welcomed his second child last month

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