Although she has appeared as a guest on reality shows like “Indian Idol”, Asha Bhosle recently admitted that she is no fan of such reality shows.

The veteran playback singer, who has recorded thousands of songs throughout her career including hits like “Jhumka Gira Re”, “Ajnabi Mujko Itna Baata”, and Mera Kuch Saman”, stated that shows like that rely more on the dramatics than music itself.

“I have been to such shows. People must realise that singing is not about short clothes or being dramatic. There’s more acting than singing on these shows,” she said.

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It’s a lot of drama there
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The Bollywood melody queen just celebrated her 88th birthday on 8 September

She even admitted to preferring the classics like Mehdi Hasan and Bhimchand Joshi rather than contemporary music, adding that she usually had to ask the younger generation about the latest hits.

“Technology may have increased, but the soul is absent. I remember, we did so much improvisation on what we were told to do- and ended up only enhancing the numbers. We worked very hard. We always thought that the song that I’m singing should not be my last song,” she said.

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Asha’s career has spanned over seven decades