After years of trying, it was revealed that Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin is soon to welcome a baby.

As reported on Oriental Daily, her agency confirmed the good news on 29 September, saying that the actress will be delivering her first child at the end of October.

Reportedly, Ariel’s husband Charles, who is based in the US, has already returned to Taiwan to be by her side.

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Ariel’s husband has returned to Taiwan to welcome their baby’s arrival together

On the other hand, the actress has also gone on social media to confirm the good news herself, while at the same time sharing her thoughts about preserving the environment.

“In the past two or three years, while actively preparing for the coming of the next generation and slowly learning how to cultivate a beautiful life and soul, I was suddenly shocked by the fact that the pollution on the earth is much more serious than we imagined. There are many aspects that urgently need to be changed.”

Ariel added that if all product manufacturers can start to think about the environment in producing their products, consumers like her will be able to start to think about the impact of products on the environment and make different choices.

“I have done what I can, and I try to do my best in my life to influence the people I can influence. I also believe that you who read this article, no matter what individual state you are, have the ability to change production, consumption and living habits, looking for alternatives, maybe, trying to integrate ecology, production and life in one direction? If more and more products or industries are willing to aim at prosperity, symbiosis and sustainable development as much as possible, instead of just consuming, consuming and then discarding as the starting point, then we still have a chance to reverse all of this,” she added.

She added in the last part of her post that even she has no idea if her child will be a boy or a girl.

“The agent did not confirm the news, please look forward to it with me, don’t spoil the surprise! Of course, no matter it’s a boy or a girl, it deserves to be loved,” she added.

It is noted that the actress, who tied the knot with businessman Charles Lin in 2014, has expressed her plan to finally have a baby last year, saying that she has already turned down several job offers to prepare herself for pregnancy.

However, Ariel admitted later on that it had been difficult to make such plans due to the travel restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The actress is elated to welcome her baby very soon

(Photo Source: Ariel Lin Instagram, SINA)