After going viral with her new bod after months of dieting and exercise, Angel Locsin took to social media to talk about her weight loss journey.

On 22 September, the actress posted a photo of her belly with a smiley face, and commented that posing the right way can help anybody look slimmer – emphasising that people who are struggling to lose weight should not feel pressured.

“I tell you that I understand that it’s not easy, having been fighting weight gain for years. Pressure did not and will not help. Just take your time. Your body, your rules. Just don’t forget to love every inch of you in the process, no matter what other people may say. You are more than your weight or how you look. What’s important is how you feel and think of yourself. Shine. Don’t let the perception of others dim your light. I know you are trying. I know it’s hard. I understand,” she wrote.

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Angel has been working hard at exercising and dieting

Angel also acknowledged that she is still a work in progress, and that she will continue to share her process and journey.

“I will not let anyone dictate my pace. But I am looking forward to what I can achieve in the next 3 months or so. Love you, fats and all,” she added.

The actress’ previous weight gain has attracted the attention of many, with many speculating that it has something to do with her medication for her previous back pain.

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Angel: Your body, your rules

(Caption: Angel Locsin Instagram)