It was recently revealed that the production of “The White Storm 3” is suffering millions of dollars in expenses after deciding to change its filming location.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the action film directed by Herman Yau and stars veteran Hong Kong actors Aaron Kwok, Sean Lau, and Louis Koo, was originally planned to be filmed in Thailand, with pre-production work and set being constructed in the country.

However, with the pandemic worsening in Southeast Asia, film studio Universal International decided to abandon all work and instead return to work in Hong Kong, where they have started reconstructing their set in New Territories.

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‘The White Storm 3’ star Aaron Kwok recently seen back in HK

Sources claimed that the decision has cost Universal at least HKD 10 million due to the change.

When asked about it, producer Daneil Lam stated that they had to construct a large scale Thai village for the shoot.

“As how much loss, let’s just not talk about it. It is a big number though,” he added.

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‘The White Storm ’ was a big hit when it was released in 2013

(Photo Source: Sohu, On.CC, Information Cafe)