A Chengdu film company has recently filed a lawsuit against the 2019 Andy Lau-produced “The White Storm 2: Drug Lords”, claiming that the movie has plagiarised its film, “Love From Angel”.

According to Mingpao, the Chengdu Global Bona Culture Media Co. Ltd has filed a suit against six of the movie’s distribution companies, including Universe Entertainment and Andy’s studio Focus Group for infringement, demanding compensation of RMB 99,999,999.

According to the said company, “The White Storm 2” character settings, plot, action designs are all identical to its aforementioned movie, and that both also have similar character occupations, shooting techniques, character poster design, film title design, and costume design as well.

"The White Storm 2" producers accused of plagiarism, andy lau, celeb asia, theHive.Asia
‘Love From Angel’ was released in 2016

The company’s boss also claimed that he once sent a screenplay to Andy for a collaboration after graduating in 2007, but that the project did not come to fruition after his friends and family passed away in a 2008 earthquake.

He claimed that he was surprised to find that several years later, Andy’s studio produced the Taiwanese movie, “Our Times”, which allegedly has similarities to the screenplay he sent to the actor.

Andy has not released any statement regarding the issue. However, producer Daneil Lam of Universe Entertainment stated that there is no truth to the allegations.

“I have never seen “Love From Angel”. I don’t think the two movies have anything to do with each other,” he added.

"The White Storm 2" producers accused of plagiarism, andy lau, celeb asia, theHive.Asia
The studio boss also accused ‘Our Times’ of sharing similarities with his screenplay

(Photo Source: Mingpao, Cinema Online)