Following the announcement that singer Kris Wu has been arrested by the police on suspected rape charges, it was revealed that several changes have been made to his upcoming TV series, “The Golden Hairpin”.

As reported on Mingpao, netizens recently noticed that the official Weibo of the said drama, which co-stars Yang Zi, has deleted all content related to the former EXO member after his arrest, leaving only one post – which is a poster featuring the show’s supporting characters.

It is noted that the drama, which is being produced by Tencent Video, is one of the big budget projects that reportedly cost almost RMB 300 million.

The series, which took eight months to shoot, was approved for distribution back in April this year. Kris was cast to star in the lead alongside Yang Zi with the hopes that the drama will attract more audiences – seeing that both the singer and the actress are both big names in the industry.

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The series only left this particular poster on its official Weibo account

However, with the ongoing situation concerning the rape allegations against Kris by multiple young women, there is no certainty as to whether the drama will be aired at all.

It is noted that dramas being shelved or re-shot due to its actors’ controversies are not a strange occurrence in mainland China. Zheng Shuang’s “A Chinese Ghost Story” is also currently experiencing such issue after the actress was involved in the surrogacy scandal.

Fan Bingbing’s “The Legend of Ba Qing” also had to be re-shot with a different actress after Fan made headlines for her tax evasion scandal in 2018.

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‘The Legend of Ba Qing’ had to be re-shot due to Fan Bingbing’s scandal

(Photo Source: Bilibili, Luju, China Times)