After a month in Italy, Takuya Kimura announced that he is now back to home sweet home.

The Japanese star, who has been busy filming his international movie, “The Swarm” for the past month, shared the good news on social media, writing, “Successfully completed filming work. Thank you!”

He then went on to share more photos of him waiting for his delayed flight at the airport, another photo of him getting his PCR test, and finally a video of him playing with his equally excited dog, captioning the video, “Home sweet home. Stay safe!”

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Takuya’s flight was delayed

Based on the Frank Schätzing best-selling thriller sci-fi novel and produced by Frank Doelger of “Game of Thrones” fame, “The Swarm” is a thriller that focuses on environmental issues and follows a group of scientists researching unknown living beings that live in the depths of the sea.

In his first ever global movie, Takuya is playing the role of scientist Aito Mifune.

The movie is scheduled for a 2022 release.

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Takuya’s beloved pet dog finally gets to sit on his lap again

(Photo Source: Takuya Kimura Instagram)