Stephen Chow’s camp has recently dismissed rumours of the filmmaker’s supposed romance with a 17 year-old aspiring beauty queen, Zhang Xiaoqi, a.k.a Ukei.

As reported on UDN, sources recently claimed that “The Mermaid” director was spotted on board of a luxury yacht with a friend at the Aberdeen Pier, where he was reportedly spending his time with the young lady for two consecutive days.

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The rumours alleged that that’s Stephen and his new romance

Sources claimed that Stephen, who is 59, met Zhang at a party in June this year, and kept in contact with the 17 year-old on WeChat. It is also noted that Zhang previously tried her luck at the Miss Hong Kong pageant as the youngest contestant, but was not selected in the end.

Following the said rumour, Stephen’s assistant Chris gave a response saying that there was no truth to the rumour at all.

Chris stated that there was a group of people on the said yacht, and that Stephen was not familiar with Zhang at all.

“They were just a group of people going out to sea for fun. I don’t know why it was written like this,” said the assistant.

It is noted that Stephen has never had any luck in his relationships, with his last known romance being Alice Yu, who ended up suing the comedy auteur over property issue.

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Stephen has said that he has not had luck in love

(Photo Source: China TimesSCMP, Ukei Instagram)