Natalie Tong has recently dismissed rumours that she is planning to leave TVB in the near future.

As reported on Oriental Daily, it was earlier reported that the actress has been deliberating on her contract renewal, seeing that her projects with TVB have been dwindling in the last year.

Sources claimed that aside from the fact that she has four series that have yet to air, it was believed that Natalie is also worried that the lack of exposure is affecting her endorsement gigs as well.

However, it was alleged that the actress is also unsure of her chance outside of TVB, especially during the pandemic, and has now decided to drag the contract renewal talks.

When asked about the rumours recently, the actress, who is currently busy filming her new drama, “Stealth Team”, stated that it isn’t time yet to be talking about contract renewal.

“My contract with TVB is still a long way to go,” she added.

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(Photo Source: Natalie Tong Instagram)