Myolie Wu has recently defended husband Philip Lee, after the latter was made fun of by netizens for supposedly taking the back seat and becoming a house husband while the actress went to work away from Hong Kong.

The actress, who has been spending a lot of time working in mainland China in recent months, took to the comments in her husband’s recent post, in which Phil explained that he was able to spend more time with his children due to his prosperous business.

She wrote, “My husband was never high profile on social media before when we were together. He only decided to open his IG to the public to protect me and our family and show those who support us who we are and what we do first hand.”

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Myolie and Philip with their three sons -Brendan, Ryan and Liam
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Philip and his boys

Myolie explained that Phil rarely shared about his work to protect the privacy of his colleagues, but that the businessman has been working hard and supporting his family for many years.

“I can say that if he doesn’t want to go to work as much, he really can – not because of me but because of all the hard work he put in all these years. The reason why he spends more time with the kids is because he knows I have been working in China and has decided to be with them,” she added.

The actress also stressed that working is not about money to her but a privilege, and that everybody should respect all women and men who work hard in any industry.

On the other hand, Phil had since removed the said post from Instagram after thanking Myolie for her supportive words.

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Myolie and Philip tied the knot in December 2015 after a year of courtship

(Photo Source: Myolie Wu Instagram, Philip Lee Instagram)