In an effort to drum up more awareness about the importance of COVID-19 vaccination, many countries are now resorting to various measures to relay the message to their people.

MyHealthKKM, the education health division of Malaysia’s Ministry of Health is also doing the best thing they can think of to reach more people in providing accurate information about the coronavirus and vaccination – that is, by collaborating with TikTok.

The announcement was made via the said app recently, which read, “Under the newly launched #KitaJagaKita campaign, TikTok is working with MyHealthKKM, the Education Health Division of the Ministry of Health, to provide easily accessible verified information and resources related to COVID-19.”

“As TikTok increasingly becomes a key platform for communities to come together and share joy, express their creativity and gather information, TikTok hopes to work closely with MyHealthKKM to maximise our impact and provide access to credible information from trusted sources, as part of our ongoing efforts to maintain a safe and positive environment for our users,” said Kristoffer Eduard Rada, Head of Public Policy Malaysia at TikTok.

By clicking on the hashtag #KitaJagaKita, users will be able to get livestreams from public health experts and healthcare professionals who will discuss matters of concern regarding COVID-19 and vaccinations.

Users will also be able to get up-to-date information and government guidelines including the latest COVID-19 numbers and changes in the National Plans through the same hashtag, aside from MOH’s own TikTok channels using the handle, @myhealthkkm and @kkmputrajaya.