Although it’s been years since her last movie, Mahima Chaudhry is not at all concerned over not being seen in as many movies as she was in the past.

In an interview recently, the actress, most known for her debut film, “Pardes” stated that she is not at all retired from showbiz, but awaits projects that will be worthwhile.

“As an actor, you are always keen to do something. Now, especially with OTT becoming so popular, the platforms are getting bigger and bigger, the audience number is increasing. I do get scripts, but as an actor you are so ambitious, you just want to wait for the correct one,” she said. gif maker 9
Mahima Chaudhry and Shah Rukh Khan in the 1997 hit “Pardes”

Mahima admitted that she has made a lot of films in the past that she wasn’t proud of, stating that she was of the idea that an actor can only be successful if they have five to ten films a year.

This has now changed, said the actress, adding, “You pick up subjects, make noise for a whole year about that and survive. Money has got bigger as well.”

She also noted the fact that while she has not been very active, people still remember her for some of her earlier works.

“Some songs have such a great shelf life, like [Pardes’] Do Dil and Yeh Mera India, which is played on Independence Day, every year little children perform in schools… these kind of things have kept me in memory. People who were my age, watching my first film in college and just beginning their romance, they connect, they are my age now,” she said.

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The actress was last seen in “Dark Chocolate” in 2016