We have always known that Maggie Q is one tough cookie, but did you know that the actress actually did her own stunts after surgery?

That’s what the actress told EW recently, saying that she went back to work on “The Protege” two and a half months after a major spine surgery – much to her doctor’s chagrin.

“I went from like bed rest into rehearsals and I assumed everyone was aware of what had just happened to me,” she said.

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It was only after watching a rehearsal that Maggie realised nobody on set knew about the surgery, after noticing other characters grabbing for her throat, which was part of her surgical procedure.

“I said to the coordinator, ‘So I just had this surgery and it was really, really hard on my body, so all that neck stuff, we’re going to have to change it,'” she details. “And he goes, ‘What surgery?’ And I was like, ‘No one told you that I had spine surgery?’ And I’ve never seen a grown man want to cry in that way so immediately.”

Despite the surgery, Maggie still completed 98 percent of the stunts on her own.

“There are a couple of things I didn’t do for safety reasons but they weren’t big things. Sometimes there are things you don’t not do because you can’t do them but because you shouldn’t do them… We have to pick and choose our battles for insurance reasons and just to be safe and healthy.”

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(Photo Source: Maggie Q Instagram, ET Today)