Singer-rapper Kris Wu has recently been arrested on suspicion of rape.

The news was announced by the Beijing Chaoyang Police through its official Weibo on 31 July, stating that the 30 year-old Chinese-Canadian singer has already been criminally detained by the Chaoyang Public Security Bureau and that “investigative work is currently underway”.

It was just last week that the Beijing Police released its initial investigation results of 19 year-old Du Meizhu, who alleged that she was forced to get drunk and found herself in the singer’s bed after being lured to his party by Kris’ manager.

Kris has been detained by the police while investigations are ongoing

The police also stated that Du used the help of a writer to publicise the issue, and claimed that Kris has also had multiple sexual relations with under-aged girls.

It is also noted that both Du and Kris were deceived by an unrelated third party, a person surnamed Liu, who cheated them off their money by disguising as Kris’ lawyer and another accuser, respectively. He had claimed to be Kris’ attorney to cheat Du while using details about her alleged assault to blackmail the singer’s team.

Du Meizhu says that Kris preys on under-aged girls

 (Photo Source: Kris Wu Instagram, Mingpao)