Kiko Estrada has finally broken his silence regarding allegations that his new romance with Heaven Peralejo proves that he cheated on Devon Seron while they were together.

As reported on ABS-CBN, in an interview with Ogie Diaz recently, Kiko stated that he and Devon ended their relationship on Valentine’s Day 2021, and that he only officially started dating Heaven in May despite rumours linking them as early as March.

“We were still not together at this point. We were just talking, trying to get to know each other,” he said. “We were formed through the adversity, through the hardships. Through the issue, we became closer.”

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Kiko started dating Heaven in May

Although he denied to have cheated on Devon and that they hurt each other during their relationship, Kiko admitted that he did move on fast as many accused him of doing.

“I guess if you want to blame something on me, it’s that I moved on fast,” he said, defending Heaven over claims that she was the third party. “Maybe that’s my fault, but there was no overlapping. I was hurt, too. I didn’t want to leave her, but the situation caused it… Who doesn’t want to move on from the past? Who doesn’t want to find happiness when you’re sad?”

Kiko stated that he was saddened to see Heaven being depressed over these allegations, and that he decided to speak about the issue because of it.

“I had to protect her. I am not disrespecting anyone. I’m just protecting the people that I love,” he said.

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Kiko and Devon ended their relationship in February this year

(Photo Source: Kiko Estrada Instagram, Heaven Peralejo Instagram, Philippine News)