Katarina Rodriguez recently announced that she is pregnant with her first child.

The Miss World Philippines 2018 shared the good news in her latest YouTube vlog, where she started by saying, “Hey, everyone. It’s Katarina, and I’m so excited to finally share the big announcement that I have. The secret I’ve been keeping for the past seven months, eight months… And that secret is…”

Several seconds later, Katarina was seen speaking into the camera and telling fans that she would be taking her pregnancy test.

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Katarina with partner Niño Barbers
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Katarina is proud to show her baby bump

“I’ve been telling Niño I think I’m pregnant for a while now and he just keeps saying I’m probably not and I’m just overthinking. But I told him that we’ve been living together for almost two years and, you know…” said Katarina as she waited for her pregnancy test result.

In another scene, Katarina was revealed to break the news to her partner only to reveal that she has actually been pregnant for several months.

“You’re so annoying. I know it’s positive. Of course, you’re pregnant,” partner Niño Barbers stated.

She then went back to the first part of her video to reveal her pregnant belly, revealing that it has already been months since she first found out about the pregnancy.

Katarina then shared clips about her life since she got pregnant, from her many trips and her social work, to her check-ups.


(Photo Source: Katarina Rodriguez Instagram)