Kareena Kapoor proves that she is not going to be apologetic about her life by dismissing all backlash regarding the names of her sons.

The actress, who has been trolled for naming her and Saif Ali Khan’s second child Jehangir Ali Khan (Jeh for short), previously stated that she should have the freedom to name her child whatever she likes, after previously getting a backlash for naming first son Taimur.

It is noted that netizens have been accusing the couple of naming Taimur after Turkish invader Timur.

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Kareena with first son Taimur
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Kareena with second son Jeh

“There is so much history they are going into. That what happened bl**dy 100-200 years ago. Who has seen what happened 100-200 years ago? And how do you know I named [Taimur] like that. We named him that for the meaning and because we liked the sound of the name. It’s up to the parents and has nothing to do with anything that happened. Tomorrow anything might happen. A rapist’s name might be anything else but that doesn’t make all Suresh rapists,” she had said.

On the other hand, friends and family have also defended Kareena for naming their second son Jehangir, which many said to be similar to Mughal ruler Jahangir.

Swara Bhasker posted, “A couple has named its children, and that couple isn’t you. But you have opinions about the names, and in your mind, this is an issue that has hurt your feelings. You are among the world’s biggest donkeys.”

It is noted that Saif has deliberated on changing Taimur’s name in the past due to the backlash, but that the actress talked him out of it.

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Kareena’s husband Saif Ali Khan with their boys