Joyce Cheng has recently laughed off reports that she will soon inherit her late mother’s multi-million dollar assets.

The story goes like this: it was rumoured that when late actress-comedienne Lydia Shum passed away in 2008, she left a legacy of about HKD 60 million, including several properties, and HKD 30 million worth of jewellery.

Reportedly, Lydia had stipulated in her will that Joyce, who was 21 when Lydia died, would only be able to take control of the assets upon turning 35, in hopes that the latter will be able to work hard and rely on herself before then.

Joyce, who will turn 35 in May next year, was recently asked about the rumour, to which she responded, “News like this comes out once a while.”

“They used to say that in my 20s and then again in my 30s. They keep changing the age. I don’t think it matters. I am already numb to such news. I only have to be a good performer, do my job and sing my songs,” she said.

Joyce also added that the public seemed more interested in the subject than she is, and that she didn’t need to wait to use the money left by her mother.

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Joyce is the daughter of Lydia Shum and former husband Adam Cheng

(Photo Source: Joyce Cheng Instagram, SINA)