JM de Guzman recently took to social media to share his thoughts about his past mistake, back when he had a drug relapse.

In an Instagram post dated 25 August, the actor posted his certificate of when he completed his rehabilitation in 2018, and wrote, “I remember 6 years ago, was sleeping in a hotel room. 5 or 6 huge guys woke me up. They had access [to] my room, pinned my head, elbows, knees, and chest while I watch[ed] the other guy inject something [into] my right shoulder. I felt weak in an instant. They carried me, took me out of the hotel in a stretcher. Outside the hotel since my head is tied, I see in my peripheral my aunt, mom crying like someone died. I cried too and shouted don’t let them take me. Fell asleep for 3 days inside the aero med van.”

JM revealed that he woke up alone in a small room with steel bars and stayed there for a month before he was transferred to rehab and stayed there for two years.

“This haunts me everyday. in my sleep or while wide awake. For years I suffered. I was imprisoned by pain and hate. Patched it up with a drug that made me lose everything I love. Thank you God for everything. I’m not alone anymore. I pray for happier and peaceful days to come,” he added.

JM stated that he decided to share his experience to remind others to stop messing with him or other people who have found peace in their lives, adding that he doesn’t want to be that person anymore.

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JM de Guzman shares his experience of having overcome his addiction

(Photo Source: JM de Guzman Instagram)