Singaporean singer-songwriter JJ Lin and Taiwanese singer Wilber Pan have recently released statements slamming allegations that they were involved in Kris Wu’s sex scandal.

On 1 August, JJ’s legal representative shared the multiple Weibo accounts that were making these allegations on the said social media platform, and stated that these accounts made deliberate attempts to defame the singer by launching personal attacks against him and linking him to the rape allegations against the former EXO member.

It also urged netizens to stop spreading false reports about JJ, and that they will hold these slanderers accountable for their actions.

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JJ’s legal rep urges netizens to stop spreading false rumours

“The internet is not without laws and you have to be responsible for all your words and actions,” JFJ Productions noted. “We hope to create a civilised, healthy and clear environment online with everyone.”

Wilber Pan’s camp has also hired a law firm to deal with the allegations against him, and released a similar statement demanding those who spread the false rumour to immediately remove it from social media or face consequences.

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Wilber Pan’s team will take legal action against the slanderers

(Photo Source: Wilber Pan Instagram, JJ Lin Instagam)