It really was a good fortune on Gin Lee’s part to be able to work with the god of song Jacky Cheung on her new song, seeing that it was never easy to get the latter to sit down and work with other artistes.

As reported on Mingpao, the Cantopop King, who sat down to talk about their new single, “Let the Street Lights Sleep Peacefully at Sunrise” (translated title), admitted that it has always been difficult for him to be able to collaborate with other singers.

“First, I have never left Universal, so it is difficult for singers from other record companies to cooperate. Second, I used to hold concert tours, and I performed in other places for at least one or two years at a time, but because of the current epidemic, I often stay in Hong Kong, so I was able to cooperate,” he said.

Jacky also stated that he agreed to the collaboration as he really loved the song that was composed by Eric Kwok.

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For Gin, it was a dream come true to collaborate with Jacky
Gin and Jacky worked alongside composer and music producer Eric Kwok

“Riley Pong’s lyrics are very good. Originally, I told Eric that I hoped this song would be sung by me. When I learned that this is Gin’s song, I created this idea of singing the song together. Fourth, Gin herself is a very good singer,” he added, stating that overcoming these four situations led to the successful collaboration.

Gin revealed that the song is about a man who has struggled for a whole life but has not yet achieved what he wanted, and yet despite that, he chose to take a rest and realised that he missed the beautiful things around him.

“I think this song is suitable for people of different ages, because at different stages of life, people will want to stop and examine the paths they are walking,” she said.

(Photo Source: Gin Lee Instagram)