After much anticipation, it was revealed that celebrity couple HyunA and Dawn will finally make their debut as a duo.

As reported on Sports Seoul, the news was first teased by their agency P Nation’s social media account on 16 August, sharing a photo of PSY’s Coming Up Next poster with the image of HyunA and Dawn “reflected” on Psy’s sunglasses.

The caption read, “#210909_6pmkst #HyunAandDAWN.”

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On the other hand, HyunA posted a clip from their upcoming music video and posted a heartfelt message about working on the said project despite having fainted on set.

“Thinking of the people I love, I am just grateful for everything. I am the most happiest on stage,” she expressed. “I will perform as much as my body can handle and I will work hard. I will eat well and work out more, and I am sorry for worrying you.”

Dawn and HyunA started dating in 2016 and revealed their relationship to the public two years later. The two signed with PSY’s P Nation in January 2019, after ending their contracts with Cube Entertainment.

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HyunA and Dawn have been together since 2016

(Photo Source: HyunA Instagram, P Nation Instagram)