It really is rare to get the chance to work with Cantopop Heavenly King Leon Lai, which is why Hins Cheung was elated to be able to collaborate with the former in the new single, “Old Fashioned”.

The singer recently took to social media to promote the new song, and revealed how the collaboration came to be.

“The opportunity for the cooperation is like a dream,” he wrote. “Who would have thought that this god, whose classic performances like “Yuan Zhenxia”, “No Regret in This Life” and the Hutchison Telecom ad I watched every night, would record, shoot and chat with me? The wonders of life lie in all the unknown journeys.”

Hins revealed that they first discussed the collaboration at a restaurant in the Ocean Park Hotel, saying that Leon was already there despite Hins himself arriving earlier than scheduled.

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Hins was over the moon for the opportunity to collaborate with Leon
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Hins and Leon recorded the song in Mandarin and Cantonese

“Leon ordered a glass of Old Fashioned for each of us, and all topic starts from here. I opened the Notes app in my phone, put it on the table, worried that I would accidentally missed something gold from him. I really looked forward to it, but until I left, I didn’t succeed in taking even a sentence. They’re all a mystery,” he wrote.

Hins stated that the song they worked together -in Mandarin and Cantonese – is now available on major music platforms, and expressed hope that everybody will love it.

“Thanks again to Leon for the opportunity and the super luxurious package, from the talented producer to the top shooting team, as well as major media and advertisements. This is a fantastic and wonderful journey that I will never forget,” he added.

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Hins previously guest performed at Leon’s concert

(Photo Source: Hins Cheung Instagram, HK01, Bilibili)