Hebe Tien was among the biggest winners at the Golden Melody Awards, which was held on 21 August.

The singer took three awards for her album, “Time Will Tell” including Best Album Producer and Best Lyricist for “Untold” – and then won Best Mandarin Female Singer for the first time in her career.

The Best Mandarin Male Singer award went to Taiwanese rapper Soft Lipa.

In her acceptance speech, Hebe stated that she has always loved singing since she was a child, and would often get scolded by her mother for spending too much time singing in the bathroom.

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Hebe won three awards

She then raised her trophy and said, “Mum, I didn’t waste water. I got the Golden Melody Award.”

She also thanked her two best friends, Ella Chen and Selina Jen from S.H.E, as well as everybody who supported her music.

“Time Will Tell” is Hebe’s fifth album after flying solo.

Speaking to the media after her big win, Hebe said, “I am very happy. I feel that making a favourite album is like climbing a mountain. Making an album is like enjoying the process of climbing a mountain.”

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Hebe also thanked her two best buddies, Ella and Selina

(Photo Source: Hebe Tien Instagram, CNA, Epoch Times)