Taiwanese actor Eddy Ou (also known as Ou Di) recently surprised many by announcing that he and his wife Zhang Yuncan are calling it quits on their marriage.

As reported on HK01, the TV personality shared the news in the morning of 4 August via his social media account, writing, “After more than six years of communication, two people still can’t find a better way to get along.”

“I regret to inform everyone that we have gone through the divorce procedures. Since we were destined to become husband and wife and parents, for the sake of a better future, a peaceful separation is the best way we can think of,” he added.

Eddy added that although they are no longer together as a couple, he and his wife will always be a family.

It is noted that Zhang was a fan of Eddy prior to their relationship. The two tied the knot in 2014 in Chongqing, and held a wedding at the Lobkowicz Palace, a privately-owned building in Prague, Czech Republic a year later.

Their first daughter JoJo was born in the same year. They later welcomed another daughter named Rossi.

An amicable and peaceful separation for the sake of their daughters

(Photo Source: HK01, ET Today)