Dawn Zulueta recently admitted that the reason she has not been doing a lot of acting projects for the past couple of years was due to the fact that there hasn’t been any inspiring roles for her.

As reported on Inquirer, the actress spoke to ABS-CBN’s Leo Katigbak at the pre-stream interview of the restored “Kung Mawawala Ka Pa”, stated that all the roles that came to her recently felt like another version of characters that she had played in the past.

“Lately, the characters being offered to me feel less inspired. I feel that if an actor reaches the age of 50, they expect nothing more from him or her. They’d say, ‘Oh, she’s done’ or ‘she should play a grandmother’,” she said.

Dawn stated that she is envious of the fact that Hollywood or showbiz industries abroad are still able to create interesting roles for women over 50, and wishes that the country is as creative as well.

“So until that happens, until I get that unique offer, I’m okay to not have work. I feel like I will just waste my time and effort if I portray a role I really don’t believe in,” she said.

Dawn’s last film project was the 2019 movie, “Family History” co-starring Michael V.

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The actress’ last movie was ‘Family History’

(Photo Source: Dawn Zulueta Instagram, Philstar)