Universe Entertainment & Culture Group Chairman Daneil Lam recently admitted that he was surprised over the lawsuit against his film, “The White Storm 2: Drug Lords” by Chengdu Global Bona Culture Media Co. Ltd. Chairman Gou Yusheng.

As reported on Mingpao, the movie producer, who spoke to the media at the launch of “The White Storm 3”, stated that he has yet to receive any legal documents from the other party after Gou accused the movie of copying his own film “Love From Angel”.

“I actually learned about this from the media. I don’t know who the other party is, I’m not interested, and I’ve never watched the film. The incident has been handled by a lawyer and I don’t plan to respond anymore,” he said.

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Daneil Lam is surprised by the lawsuit

Lam also reiterated that he had not received the script Gou claimed to have sent to his company and that the script of “The White Storm 2” was an original creation of director Herman Yau and the creative team.

On the other hand, when asked about the loss that his company incurred after moving the set of “The White Storm 3” from Thailand to Hong Kong due to the pandemic, Lam stated, “It is estimated that the total cost is more than 8 digits.”

“The village scene is almost ready and will be filmed next month. Fortunately, the actors are willing to accommodate. I believe the movie can be completed on schedule,” he said.

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‘The White Storm 3’ begins filming

(Photo Source: OnCC, ST Headline, Kwongwah)