Bea Alonzo recently admitted that she is elated with the positive reactions she got from fans over her relationship with Dominic Roque.

As reported on PEP, the actress, who finally confirmed Dominic as her official boyfriend on 9 August, stated that she did not plan to announce it to the world at first.

“It just felt like the right moment, or maybe because I was feeling it,” she said. “I’m just happy that they received it well.”

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Bea felt that the moment was right to share the news of her new romance

As to what made her fall for the actor, Bea stated that Dominic takes good care of her.

“I’m not used to it. He takes care of me so much because that’s how he communicate. Even the things I didn’t think I needed, he would order it online just to make my life easier. All those things,” she said.

Bea also stated that she appreciated Dominic’s honesty and his love for his family.

“Because we have been friends for a long time before we turned into something romantic. As in years, we’ve been really friends for years, and I know he’s a really good person. He’s just really honest, which I appreciate very much,” she enthused.

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Bea and Dominic have been old friends prior to their romance

(Photo Source: Bea Alonzo InstagramDominic Roque Instagram)