Seven members of the popular Japanese idol group AKB48 have recently been tested positive for COVID-19.

As reported on HK01, the news was confirmed on 1 August, with the group revealing that Maho Omori, Narumi Kuranoo, Nagisa Sakaguchi, Serika Nagano, Yuka Suzuki, Sorano Uemi and Remi Tokunaga have all began suffering from a fever late last month before they found out that they had the coronavirus.

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Yuka Suzuki among those who were tested positive

“We sincerely apologise for any concern and inconvenience caused to fans and related parties who have been looking forward to the performances and appearance,” said the group in their statement. “We will continue to work hard to strengthen our awareness on pandemic prevention in order to prevent the spread inside and outside the company.”

Close contacts were also directed to undergo quarantine, which means most of the members of the group.

Due to the outbreak, the group has decided not to appear on the “SKY PerfecTV! Idol Festival! Summer 2021!” on 6 August, with several other activities throughout the week and the next to be cancelled.

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Serika Nagano will also have to undergo treatment for COVID-19

(Photo Source: HK01)