Zheng Shuang recently admitted that she is struggling to make ends meet in the United States, ever since she arrived for the previous custody battle that ended in May.

As reported on HK01, in a now-deleted Weibo post, Zheng broke her silence about the previous issue, apologising for her decision to go to the US to get surrogacies for her two children despite knowing that it is illegal in China, and causing many problems to everybody involved.

Zheng, who is now banned from appearing on television in China, admitted that she has been struggling since arriving in the US; having lost her income, her many endorsement deals and facing legal ramifications from having her many contracts terminated due to her scandal.

“I am even unable to pay the damages to the dramas, [“A Chinese Ghost Story” and “Secret Keepers”] for the losses they incurred,” she added.

Zheng Shuang admits to financial struggles, celeb asia, zheng shuang, theHive.Asia

As for her life in the US, the actress admitted that she only drinks tap water every day to survive, owning only two pairs of jeans and five t-shirts, and relying on her friends for support.

“I even have to watch how much toilet paper I am using. I use the remaining amount of the money I have to buy cherries and toys for my kids,” she wrote, adding that she has no way of working in the US and therefore has no income.

The actress stressed that she loves her children over everything else and will put all her energy into her children and the parenting classes from now on.

It is noted that Zheng lost her custody case back in May against former boyfriend Zhang Heng, who was given the right to take care of their two children.

The issue between the two sparked early this year after Zhang exposed the fact that the two of them are already parents to two children born through surrogacy, but that Zheng has decided to abandon them. Lucas was born in December 2019, and Luna was born in January 2020. It was later alleged that Zheng left her partner after finding out that he was cheating on her just before the babies were born.

Zheng Shuang admits to financial struggles, celeb asia, zheng shuang, theHive.Asia
Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng in happier days

(Photo Source: HK01, Zheng Shuang Instagram)