After much speculations, it is now confirmed that the mysterious actress who was cast as legendary singer Anita Mui in the upcoming biopic, “Anita” is indeed Chinese model Wang Danni (also known as Louise Wong).

As reported on HK01, the Beijing Dance Academy graduate recently spoke about her casting as Anita, saying that she was surprised and overwhelmed after finding out that she succeeded in her audition.

Instead of celebrating after finding out that she was chosen to play the lead, Wang said that she decided to book a flight to Thailand to “escape from the world”.

“I was very scared the first time, because I wasn’t sure if I was competent enough. So I locked myself inside the hotel room. It took two days for me to slowly digest the news and to finally realise that it was fate that brought me to this project,” she said.

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Fans of the late singer are eagerly anticipating the release of the film gif maker 1
Anita Mui wore a wedding dress in her last concert prior to her passing

Knowing that, Wang stated that she decided to work her hardest for the role, spending more than half a year training for the role and even turned down several modelling jobs to focus on practising singing and dancing.

“Some of the moves are quite challenging that I sustained inflammation on my thighs, which required me to undergo physical therapy,” she said.

The actress also admitted that she idolised the late singer, saying that Anita was a true example of how one’s success is not just based on talent but hard work as well.

Directed by Longmond Leung, the Edko Films biopic has yet to reveal its release date. The company had released a 40-second teaser trailer clip in late May, but the teaser did not show the face of the actress who plays Anita.

(Photo Source: SCMP, Louise Wong Instagram, Anita.Movie FB)