After many years in showbiz, Toni Gonzaga recently revealed that she no longer accepts projects based on how much it pays.

As reported on Push, the actress recently spoke about her career with Will Dasovich on the YouTuber’s latest vlog, and shared that she doesn’t think about money anymore now rather than the quality of her projects.

“I’ve reached that because in my 20-plus years in the industry, I was able to save for myself. So I am not deciding anymore for money. If I do something, it’s not because it’s money-driven or because ‘This is what they are going to pay you.’ It’s not about that anymore,” she said.

She stressed that she is done feeding her ego, which she described it to be her biggest enemy.

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What’s important are the principles she believes in

Toni continued, “Because the ego is the idea that you have of yourself, that you’re carrying around you and that’s not helping you… The day that you wear your title – Bob Iger said this in The Ride of a Lifetime, he’s the former president of Walt Disney – he said that the moment you wear your title is the day you lose it. Because it’s the one running your life. That’s not who you are anymore.”

Asked for what kind of projects she chooses now, the actress stated that she usually picks films based on what she stands for.

(Photo Source: Toni Gonzaga Instagram)