Toni Gonzaga recently assured that there are no insecurities when it comes to her sister Alex Gonzaga’s success, as both of them are very supportive of one another.

In an interview with YouTuber Wil Dasovich recently, Toni stated that she never had any qualms with the notion of Alex using her as a stepping stone.

“I would only do that for my sister. You can use me as your stepping stone, go, jumpstart your career. I am okay with that. I will only do that for my sister. I get insecure with other artistes, with my colleagues, but never with my sister, because we grew up thinking that what you have is mine and what I have is yours.”

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It’s family first for Toni

Toni stated that the two of them have always shared everything with each other.

“We always share because before. My talent fee before, she knows that. If it’s P3,000, P1,500 to her, P1,500 to me even if she didn’t do anything. We always share,” she said. “My parents would always tell us that, ‘If there’s one person you shouldn’t be an enemy to in the world, that is your sister. It’s okay that they are all your enemies, not just your sister.”

Toni added that true powers come from uplifting others.

“You will know that person is successful when that person wants other people to be successful. But when a person doesn’t want others to be successful, that means they are not successful,” she said.

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The Gonzaga sisters
Toni and younger sis, Alex. The cutie pie in the middle is Severiano Elliott, Toni’s son

(Photo Source: Toni Gonzaga Instagram)