While most actresses at her age are already retired or reducing their workload, Teresa Mo revealed that she will be filming three new movies in the second half of 2021.

As reported on China Times, the actress, who appeared at a brand event on 6 July, stated that she will play the role of a mother in all three projects, though they are all going to be different kinds of movies and revolve around different subject matters.

“The scripts are great and I love them as soon as I read them. Running into three good scripts at once is like a dream come true. I am looking forward to it,” she said.

When asked if she doesn’t mind the mother roles, the 60 year-old actress smiled and said, “I am several decades old already. At this age, it is normal for me to play a mother. The title [femme fatale] is just courteous.”

It is noted that Teresa previously won Best Actress at the 37th Hong Kong Film Awards for her role in “Tomorrow is Another Day”, in which she plays a mother of an autistic son – which is why the actress has no qualms playing such a role again.

Teresa’s last film was the 2020 movie, “Enter the Fat Dragon”.

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Teresa won Best Actress for her role as a mother to an adult autistic son in ‘Tomorrow is Another Day’

(Photo Source: Teresa Mo Instagram)