Stephy Tang has recently defended her ex-boyfriend Prince Chiu amid rumours about the Taiwanese singer’s supposed behaviour that led to their breakup.

As reported on Tencent Entertainment, the issue sparked following their previous announcement about the breakup, which got the tabloids making their own speculations about the former couple. This was despite their denial that it has anything to do with a third party.

One of the speculations includes Prince supposedly not wanting to get married, and his love of going to nightclubs to fool around with other girls.

Following the rumours, Prince took to social media to deny them, saying that he has a clear conscience and that his friends knew him well.

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The couple parted amicably

A few hours later, Stephy published a post on Weibo and Instagram to defend the singer, writing, “He is a very good and kind-hearted traditional guy. He has good morals, is kind to his family, friends, and himself, so he also cherishes his body. He does not smoke, drink or love night life.”

“People who know him know him well. Please don’t make too many speculations, thank you!” she added.

Friends and fans immediately went on the comments to support both of them, with Sam Chan writing, “Wish you both happiness and all the best.”

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