Several months after GFRIEND parted ways with Source Music, it was reported that member Sowon is set to sign an exclusive contract with IOK Company.

As reported on eDaily, the agency revealed the news on 29 July, saying that they are “positively reviewing an exclusive contract” with the singer.

If Sowon is to sign with IOK, she will be a part of the company that is home to actors like Go Hyun-Jung, Jo In-Sung, and Kim Ha-Neul, as well as singer Hyosung.

Training for four years with DSP Media, Sowon made her debut with GFRIEND in 2015 as the leader and sub-vocalist. However, the group disbanded in May 2021 upon the completion of their six-year contract with Source Music.

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GFRIEND disbanded in May this year

(Photo Source: Sowon Instagram, GFRIEND Instagram)