Rumour has it that Raymond Lam is set to make his music comeback by signing with Warner Music.

As reported on Singtao Daily, the news was first hinted at by Warner Music Hong Kong on 5 July with three different posts showing parts of an image of a male artiste, with different captions, including one that read, “The shoulders are heavy, you know I’m not perfect but brave – the one that sings love songs.”

They also added several hashtags to reveal the caption as a part of a lyric by Cheung Cho Kiu from a song composed by Terence Lam.

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Is it Raymond? Is it not Raymond? The suspense is killing the fans

Although the images were unclear, many speculated it to be Raymond himself based on several features that seemed similar to the actor.

When asked in the comments, Warner Music gave no response on whether or not it was Raymond. However, the rumour was further fuelled by the actor’s manager sharing the said post.

It is noted that the actor was previously signed to Emperor Entertainment Group for his singing career, though he had since been busy focusing on his acting career in mainland China.

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Raymond’s fans are eagerly waiting for his comeback

(Photo Source: Raymond Lam InstagramWarner Music Hong Kong)