Myolie Wu has recently denied reports that she was once depressed over not being there for her first son Brendan during his early years of childhood, Mingpao reported.

Earlier this week, there were reports about the actress supposedly bringing her second son Ryan with her to mainland China to start work in order not to miss out on anything and be present in his early developments.

It was said that Myolie learned her lesson after previously being separated from first son Brendan to film the mainland drama, “The Last Cook” two years ago, only to return and saw how her son was closer to their house helper than to her.

The article stated that the estrangement made Myolie very sad and that she “cried so much and developed depression” so much so that her husband Philip suggested that Myolie take second son Ryan with her whenever she has to work away from Hong Kong in order to strengthen their relationship.

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Myolie is a mother of three sons; Brendan, Ryan, and little Liam

Following the release of the said article, Myolie immediately clarified, “This report is inexplicable, I don’t even know where it came from. I have never been depressed. I have been living happily.”

“As long as I am in Hong Kong, I spend most of my time with my children on my own. The helper seldom joins,” she added.

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Myolie’s husband, Philip and their three boys

(Photo Source: Myolie Wu Instagram)