Japanese actress Mori Kanna recently announced that she is now married to basketball player, Yudai Baba.

The “Bread of Happiness” actress shared the good news late last week on Instagram with a handwritten note that read, “For now, I don’t know what it means to be a part of someone’s life or what marriage is all about, but right now when the world has changed so much, thinking how he laughs calmly next to me, I feel like I can live strongly.”

“I am full of joy at realising what it means to become a family,” she added.

In the same post, Mori stated that she has left Sony Music Artist and will now use her real name Mori Kanna instead of Moriya Kanna.

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Mori shares the good news of her marriage on social media

Yudai, who is eight years younger than the actress, also announced their marriage on social media, saying, “I am very happy to be able to live with a woman who is full of so much love.”

The couple first made headlines back in August 2019, after it was revealed that they have started dating in February the same year following Mori’s appointment as the B-League All-Stars Game’s ambassador.

(Photo Source: MM52, Yudai Baba Instagram, Mori Kanna Instagram)