After keeping mum about the sexual assault allegations against him, former EXO member Kris Wu finally took to social media to address the claims made by social media influencer, Du Meizhu.

As reported on Mingpao, on 19 July, the singer took to Weibo to address the issue, denying that he has seduced, drugged or raped anyone. He added that he didn’t respond much earlier as he didn’t want to interfere with the legal process.

“I met Du once during a party on 5 December 2020. Nobody got drunk, no phones were taken away, and none of those details she described took place,” he wrote.

Kris stated that he would put himself in jail if he has ever done something like that.

On the other hand, several other women have now came forward with their experiences with Kris, with former SNH48 member Zhang Dansan revealing screenshots of their alleged text conversations in which the singer seemed obsessed in finding out if Zhang has ever been in a sexual relationship.

It is noted that the scandal sparked last week, when Du gave a tell-all interview in which she accused Kris of sexually assaulting her and has been preying on under-aged girls.

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Du Meizhu sparks the scandal with her tell-all
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Zhang Danshan came forward with her own story

(Photo Source: Kris Wu Instagram, Mingpao)