Despite previously denying having had a sexual relationship with teenage social media influencer Du Meizhu, singer-rapper Kris Wu was revealed by the police to have done exactly that.

As reported on SCMP, the Beijing police recently released a statement, which revealed that the former EXO member met 18 year-old Du at his home in December last year after the latter was invited by his agent, and that the two had a sexual encounter after playing games and drinking with several others.

The singer later transferred RMB 32,000 to Du, and that they continued to communicate on WeChat until April 2021.

The police also stated that Du and one of her friends decided to expose the relationship back in June, but that another person surnamed Liu decided to use this opportunity to cheat both parties – claiming to be Kris’ attorney to cheat Du while using details about the latter’s alleged assault to blackmail the singer’s team.

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Du Meizhu was conned by a man pretending to be Kris’ attorney

Liu has pleaded guilty and apprehended, the police added.

The statement given by the police obviously contradicted what the singer previously claimed, when he stressed that he only met Du once at a meeting of friends and did not force anybody to drink nor confiscated their phones.

On the other hand, the police is now stating that they will continue investigating allegations that Kris has date-raped other young women, adding that they have yet to receive any reports from Du or the other women about the allegations that Kris had sex with at least seven other girls with the promise of making them famous.

(Photo Source: Kris Wu Instagram, Mingpao)