It was revealed that “Running Man” star Jeon So-Min may star in a Korean remake of a British series.

As reported on MK, the news was confirmed by a source from her agency King Kong by Starship on 28 July, saying that the actress has received an offer to star in “Cleaning Up” and that she is now “positively reviewing the offer”.

Earlier, the media reported that Yum Jung-Ah and Yeom Hye-Ran are currently reviewing the said project as well.

The original series, which premiered on ITV on January 2019, stars Sheridan Smith as Sam Cook, a cleaner who plunges herself into a shady world of finance after overhearing a stockbroker who is being blackmailed into insider trading.

Jeon’s most recent series is the psychological drama, “The Queen’s House”, which will be released in September.

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Sheridan Smith plays an office cleaner with a gambling addiction in the original series

(Photo Source: Jeon So-Min Instagram, The Sun)