Two months after giving birth to her first child, Jennifer Yu recently made an appearance looking as if she has never been pregnant.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who was spotted filming an advertisement on 26 July, shared that she did not think she would be working again this early after giving birth.

“I weighed 165 pounds before and tried to lose more weight. I lost 35 pounds, but it’s ten pounds short of the goal. My waist circumference is also two inches short of my pre-pregnancy size,” she said.

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Jennifer delivered her baby just two months ago
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Jennifer with husband Tim Luk and their bundle of joy, Clare

Asked what she did to lose weight, Jennifer said that her daughter is her exclusive fitness trainer.

“She wants me to carry her all day long, sometimes I use her for exercise. I even carry her on hikes,” she said.

As for coming back to work, the actress said that she is slowly doing so and will be filming a new acting project soon.

“But I am worried that I will not be able to pay a lot of attention and will instead miss my daughter. I feel very reluctant to go to work now,” she added.

Jennifer gave birth to her first child Clare in May this year, several months after her November wedding last year to her non-showbiz boyfriend Tim Luk.

(Photo Source: Jennifer Yu InstagramMingpao)